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  QBE 2021 Annual Report (complete document)
  QBE 2021 Sustainability Report (complete document)
  QBE 2022 Notice of Annual General Meeting

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Performance overview  
  Chair’s message
  2021 snapshot
  Group Chief Executive Officer’s report

Operating and financial review  
  Group Chief Financial Officer’s report
  North America business review
  International business review
  Australia Pacific business review

  Managing risk – our business
  Climate change – our approach to risks and opportunities
  Board of Directors
  Group Executive Committee
  Corporate governance statement

Directors’ Report  
  Directors’ Report
  Remuneration Report
  Auditor’s independence declaration

Financial Report  
  Financial statements
  Notes to the financial statements
  Directors’ declaration
  Independent auditor’s report

Other information  
  Shareholder information
  Financial calendar
  10-year history

QBE analyst pack December 2021  
  QBE analyst pack December 2021

Sustainability Report  
  2021 snapshot
  Group CEO message
  About this report
Our approach to sustainability  
  Sustainability Framework
  Sustainability governance and management
  Material topics for 2021
  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  Climate change: working towards a net-zero future
Sustainability framework  
  Sustainable insurance
  Impact and responsible investments
  Customer and community
  People and culture
  Operational excellence
  2022 Sustainability scorecard
  2021 GRI Index
  Independent Limited Assurance Report