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Group Chief Executive Officer
Group Chief Executive Officer’s report

Positive momentum across the business

The global economy continued to recover in 2021 as a gradual reopening in key regions saw activity levels progressively normalise, underpinned by supportive fiscal and monetary policy settings. The economic outlook remains encouraging into 2022, although we remain conscious of the risks associated with inflationary pressures, ongoing disruption to global supply chains and the withdrawal of emergency stimulus measures in many key economies.

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Our strategy

Our purpose

QBE - enabling a more resilient future

Our vision

To be the most consistent and innovative risk partner

Our priorities




Operations overview



As an international insurer and reinsurer, strong corporate governance, sustainable business practices, providing a great place to work and making a positive and impactful contribution to our customers' lives, and the economies and communities in which we operate, underpin everything that we do.

Sustainability is integrated throughout our strategic priorities, where we remain focused on meeting our climate, and broader sustainability, commitments. Our priorities around customer, talent and culture are also intrinsically linked to our sustainability approach. We strive to build current, and emerging ESG considerations into our decision-making processes to help our customers, partners and communities manage risk through our products and services. Our holistic, integrated approach to risk seeks to create long-term value for our stakeholders and supports the ongoing success and sustainability of our business. Our Sustainability Framework continues to help us drive performance, manage risks and identify opportunities across the areas of sustainability that are most important to our business, customers and stakeholders.

This Report outlines our performance for the year, and initiatives that are underway in the focus areas of our Sustainability Framework.

Sustainability framework

Our five priority SDGs

We strongly support the aims and objectives of the SDGs which seek to address the world’s most urgent economic, environmental and social challenges. As a universal agreement to work towards a better and more sustainable future, the SDGs closely align with our new purpose – enabling a more resilient future. Our sustainability agenda continues to align to and support the advancement of the SDGs.

1 no poverty
8 Decent work and economic growth
10 Reduced inequalities
11 sustainable cities and communities
13 climate action

Our stories

Through our products, services and publications, we continue to help our customers address sustainability issues and ESG risks. ESG considerations are embedded in our product design and decision‑making processes, helping provide our customers with sustainable solutions and products.